The future of CSR

Build superior company culture

Bright Light Corporate’s CSR programs affect participants in a way that is transformative and lasts in to the future. See how our programs serve your business culture, lead to the best talent, and provide you the highest retention rate by contacting us now.

Be part of the most powerful corporate philanthropic experience available

Bright Light’s specially designed corporate social responsibility programs are centered around high impact service work in impoverished areas of the world. It is corporate team building through ultimate service. 

Build your brand

Provide your team members with an experience that will position your brand as a leader in corporate social responsibility. Find out how we do this for you by contacting us directly:

Every program is custom built to your organization's goals

We handle all of the planning and program logistics, so your team receives truly immersive and impactful experiences. We make sure to deliver on your organization’s needs and welcome ideas on your preferred service projects and growth objectives.

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