Join a humanitarian travel experience of a lifetime, personally led by author and humanitarian Le Ly Hayslip!

This special Citizen Diplomacy Delegation Travel Program, sponsored by The San Diego World Affairs Council is inspired and
informed by Hayslip’s groundbreaking memoirs, When Heaven and Earth Changed Places and The Child of War, Woman of
Peace, which tell the story of Le Ly’s life as a young peasant girl at the outbreak of the Vietnam War and on through the entire
conflict, her struggles in the US as an immigrant. Her inspiring life story was subsequently Oliver Stone subsequently adopted
both of her books into “Heaven and Earth,” the third film in his trilogy of the Vietnam War, following “Platoon” and “Born on
the 4th of July.” Raised during a time of great conflict in her country, Le Ly has lived in the US since 1970. Le Ly has made it her
life’s mission to build bridges between the two countries and by rebuilding her motherland and ancestral village.

During these special 2 week travel programs Le Ly will lead participants on a deeply personal and immersive tour of Vietnam,
unlike any other travel program. As part of this special Citizen Diplomacy Delegation program you will be not be a typical
tourist, but a global traveler, not only absorbing the sights, sounds, and tastes of Vietnam, but interacting and giving back to
the community in truly profound way while leaving a sustainable impact in the community, not to mention discovering the beauty
breadth, and resiliency of the Vietnamese people and culture.

Bright light Corporate Provides

Make a Difference

Program participants will work to implement sustainable improvements in the community including educational, health, and hygiene practices, especially through cleanliness, and teach kids how to maintain health by preventing disease in the children. Teach and learn from one another, embrace a new and different culture, and participate in experiences that change lives.

Educational Enrichment

Learning never ends and our program offers a unique opportunity to increase your fund of knowledge via personal experiences curatedjust for you! Journey with Le Ly, you can learn more about war, peace, and what Vietnam’s 5000 years of culture and tradition are all about!  Enjoy behind-the-scenes access to local sources of knowledge and wisdom while visiting with locals in a profound cross-cultural exchange!

Cultural Connections

This program will connect you with local citizens “in the know” that will proudly share the inside secrets about their community and provide 
opportunities to take a deep dive into culinary, musical and artistic landscape of the locale – all via direct and immersive experiences. Unlike other travel programs, this experience allows you to interact directly with Le Ly, as she takes participants to visit her birthplace, holds memorial services for veterans who did not return from the war,  guides the group to participate in activities and become immersed in the Vietnamese culture and lifestyle – from villagers in the countryside to the ethnic minority communities.

Two Program Dates are available

*Bright Light Corporate does not cover visas, checked baggage fees, cancellation insurance, immunizations (if applicable), extra food (beyond three meals per day), or souvenirs. Airfare arrangement assistance is available on a case by case basis.

Program Destination: VIETNAM

Program 1 Dates: March 3rth- 15th, 2025 Program 2 Dates: March 24th- April 6th, 2025
School/Organization Name: SDWAC-Vietnam-citizen-diplomacy-travel-program

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Vietnam Program 1

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Learn more about Le Ly Hayslip and her incredible work here!

Empowering Global Citizens

Be our partner: Learn with curiosity. Serve with compassion. Lead with confidence. Bright light Corporate is a subsidiary of Bright Light Volunteers International, a 501(c) (3), non-profit organization, designed to empower program participants and community partners through education and service. Our programs adhere to global service-learning best practices, which combine community service with experiential learning in the field. Our vision is to make the world a brighter place by creating a more peaceful, just, interconnected world where global challenges and opportunities are met by educated, compassionate, global citizens and leaders.
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