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Studies show that you can lose significant capital because of employee turnover and new hiring costs. Help set your organization apart by offering tax-deductible employee benefits like experiential cultural sensitivity training,  global leadership development, and the opportunity to have an adventure in service. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

By definition CSR is what a business does to be socially accountable to itself, it’s stakeholders, and to the public. There are hour or day long programs to satisfy this, but nothing that lasts for years to come. Our programs don’t just fill that CSR need, we take it to a whole new level. Every program we facilitate lasts nearly a week and connects your members to people truly in need, to each other, and create a sense of purpose that cannot be matched with any other type of CSR programming.

Foster Creativity and Innovation

Inject new ideas into your organization through offering exciting CSR program opportunities that get your team thinking “outside of the box.”  Interacting with different cultures in a foreign setting stimulates creativity and innovation, and helps to inspire leadership in your organization

Public Relations Package

We provide your organization with a comprehensive Impact Report and Media Packet after you complete each program in order to document and highlight your organization’s commitment to corporate social responsibility initiatives worldwide. 

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